COUNTRY in LenaR’s Top 10 Books for 2016 at Gay Book Reviews

countryJeff’s book, Country, made LenaR’s Top 10 Books for 2016 over at Gay Book ReviewsGay Book Reviews is a well known”M/M themed book review site that was started in 2008.”

Lena Ribka is a “passionate reader from Germany” for Gay Book Reviews. She says, “I learned to read at the age of 4 and never stopped since then, though my books from that time were very different from what they are now. English is my third language, and I’m sorry for all grammar mistakes I made in my reviews. But I assure you, that my reading English is much better than my writing English. I’m a seeker for the books that differ from mainstream, that provoke the reader or have very often very opposite ratings.

Country is Jeff’s new novel, released in October 2016, and has been very well received.  It is available from Lethe Press and other book outlets.


“The sounds of rock ‘n’ roll music wafting from the radio, or played on guitar, the feel and scent of leather, the smell and taste of good home cooking, the look, smell, and feel of a hairy man… Mann’s vivid prose describes all these and more.” Keith Glaeske for CHELSEA STATION MAGAZINE

“Mann conveys the experience that most rural gays go through as they attempt to negotiate their homosexuality in a place that often discriminates against them….” TRAVIS A. ROUNTREE FOR APPALACHIAN JOURNAL

“Libraries that collect gay historical fiction, Civil War novels, and LGBT fiction will want these books as well as Mann’s other works.” James Doig Anderson for the GLBT ROUND TABLE OF THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION

“As a gay Appalachian himself— or, as he might put it himself, a mountain man— the poet and scholar has used his own life experiences and inner journey as source material in examining what it means to be a man from the rural South who loves other men, and loves them with a certain (even specialized) vigor.”  Kilian Melloy for EDGE MEDIA


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