Ringing in the New Year with Consent

According to the third edition of The Mann Dictionary of Savage Intimacy, consent is defined as “compliance in expectation of being
ravished while bound.”  Lauded by both the National Leather Association-International and Lambda Literary Awards, Mann writes stories—perhaps even true tales—that produce dangerous levels of testosterone, vigor, and seminal fluids.  But the author’s favorite trophies do not hang on the wall—though they are often well-hung—but are kept trussed atop the bed in anticipation of consent.

Jeff has just finished edits on both “A Defense of Erotica” and on “Triptych,” an odd combination of essay and short story involving a certain photo shoot with sexy porn star Doug Acre in the fall of 2013. Both pieces will be part of his next book, Consent, due out in February from Lethe Press’s Unzipped imprint.

Are you ready to Consent?  We will see in February 2017.

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