About Consent

Anxious to know a little more about Jeff’s new book, Consent?  Here is what Jeff had to say about it.

What is Consent about?

Consent is a collection of BDSM erotic fiction.  Some of the book is composed of short stories I’ve published in erotic anthologies in the past.  “Carpetbagger,” a new novella, makes up the second half.  An essay, “A Defense of Erotica,” introduces the book, and an odd three-way piece, “Triptych,” is a combination of essay, short story, and photographs.

Why did you write it?

Much of it was written in response to calls for submission from editors of anthologies, editors I’d worked with before and admired.  “Carpetbagger” was an attempt to examine the differences between Northerners and Southerners, and both “A Defense of Erotica” and “Triptych” were inspired by my publisher Steve Berman’s promptings.

Why is it important to the LGBT community?

Members of the LGBT community have been and remain persecuted because of their sexuality.  Despite progress in the past–in particular the legalization of same-sex marriage–under the beastly Trump administration this persecution is being ramped up.  My new collection of fiction is a frank depiction of transgressive male sexuality and a deliberately defiant gesture–a Fuck-You, if you will–against these oppressive times.  Consent encourages queers to enjoy their erotic pleasures without apology.

Where can someone get a copy?

You can get a copy at Lethe Press or Amazon.com

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