Got Teeth? I bet you are Insatiable

Don’t forget that Jeff is running a contest over on his Facebook Page.  It runs from from October 24 – October 31, 2017.  You could win a signed copy of Jeff’s new vampire novel, Insatiable.  All you have to do is take a picture with your vampire teeth in and post them under the contest post on Jeff’s Facebook page.  Easy yes?  What are you waiting for?  Show us your teeth.

In the meantime, here is a little taste to stir your appetites.

The long sun of the summer solstice has finally set. Now twilight fills the high mountain forest, and darkness thickens beneath the boughs of red spruce. Between temple-column tree trunks, I move toward flickering light and the musky scent of a man.

     At forest’s edge, I stop, snuffling the air. He smells beautiful, as beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen. My fang-teeth lengthen. Bare-chested and barefoot, clad for the hunt in nothing but kilt, sporran, and dirk, I lope through the orchard, past the gnarled shapes of apple trees. I pause on the border of the lawn. Here, incongruous for a ridge-top in West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands, is a circle of standing stones very much like those in my native Scotland. Beyond that looms a rambling farmhouse with a turret.

Photo: Matt Bright

     He sprawls on a couch on the house’s back patio, sipping aromatic mead in the light of many candles. He’s wearing nothing but baggy gym shorts. The scents of his armpits, his sweaty skin, and his crotch flood me, stiffening my cock and speeding my pulse. Through shadows I move closer, drawing my dirk. I study his shaggy brown hair, stubbly cheeks, thick sideburns, and bushy goatee. I savor the big muscles of his arms, the beefy mounds of his fur-coated chest. What a treasure he is.

     He takes another swig of mead, wipes sweat off his brow, and stretches. Fondling his prominent nylon-covered crotch, he takes a deep breath. Folding his brawny arms behind his head, he closes his eyes.

     The dirk is older than I am, an heirloom given to me by my father on my sixteenth birthday. Now I rest its long thistle-etched blade against my prey’s throat. “Keep very still,” I whisper.

Insatiable  is on sale now.  You can get your copy at Lethe Press or other fine booksellers.

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