“The Gay Redneck Devours Draper Mercantile” by Jeff Mann

Jeff has a new poem “The Gay Redneck Devours Draper Mercantile” published in Impossible Archetype, an international online journal of LGBTQ+ poetry edited by Mark Ward.  Here is a small sample:

He wakes late, aching for the throb and pound
of a man inside him. Paul Bunyan, perhaps,
striding the snowy cover of the latest Duluth
Trading Company catalog, smiling giant
with a full brown beard, chest bulging
beneath a forester’s flannel shirt, Yule tree
hoisted over one huge shoulder.

If you would like to read the rest of the poem and check out the rest of this issue of Impossible Archetype, jump over to their site from here.

Remember, Jeff has several collections of poetry available.  Some of Jeff’s books of poetry include: A Romantic MannRebelsBones Washed With Wine,  On The Tongue, and Ash: Poems from Norse Mythology.  Check them out!



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