Can You Help Us Out?!

Have a favorite author?  Love their work and want to support them?  Aside from the obvious, buying their books, there’s another vital way you can support them – by writing reviews of their work!  Yes, something that simple is of great help to authors. reviews, simply put, provides a valuable way to attract readers.  In fact, what may prevent someone from taking a chance on a book is it having few to no reviews on Amazon. If an author reaches 50 reviews, that triggers an algorithm on Amazon. then begins to recommend books to new readers, says Steve Berman, publisher at Lethe Press.  He goes on to say, “having more reviews is a clear help to a book’s popularity. Does your book have less than 10 reviews? It will look like an orphan in a Dickensian tale.”

We’re asking you to show your support for Jeff by writing reviews this summer.  You may be asking, exactly how do you write a review on  Never fear!  We’ve got a suggestion that will help you post those reviews!  Author and friend, Nathan Burgoine, has written an excellent post on his blog, which has great suggestions for writing a review.  Nathan tells you everything you need to know to get started.  Check it out!

Our goal is to obtain ten new reviews on each of Jeff’s books.  Are you ready?  Can you help us out?  We’ll be talking about this project all summer.  We appreciate you and each and every review that you write.

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