New Publications in _Gents_ and _Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel_

I’m pleased to report that I have a couple of new publications this Fall 2018.

Gents:  Steamy Stories from the Age of Steam is edited by Matthew Bright and published by Unzipped Books/Lethe Press.  It contains a short story of mine, “London 1888,” which features my vampire alter ego, Derek Maclaine.  Many thanks to publisher Steve Berman for help with this tale!  The book’s super-handsome, containing as it does erotic photographs from the Victorian Age.

My poem “Pressure-Washer Prayer” just appeared in Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, Volume 21:  Appalachia Acting Up.  I suppose my poem is “acting up” because it attacks Republicans, “vicious Christians, / the fungoid politicians they breed, / the massacres of mountains and streams.”

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