The anthology that Julia Watts and I have been co-editing, LGBTQ Fiction and Poetry from Appalachia, has finally been released.  The book looks great, thanks to the production folks at West Virginia University Press.  If you’re interested in buying it, here’s the link: 

At the March 2019 Appalachian Studies Association Conference, held at UNC/Asheville, I moderated a panel of readers from the anthology:  Maggie Anderson, Nickole Brown, Julia Watts, and myself.  The room was gratifyingly packed. 

A few years ago—when I wasn’t on sabbatical at half-pay, as I am now—I got my husband John a gift certificate for the beautiful and pricey Grove Park Inn in Asheville, so he and I stayed there during the ASA Conference.  Loads of beautiful stone and wood and fine oak furniture, plus some great restaurants and an amazing mountain view.

My new essay collection, Endangered Species:  A Surly Bear in the Bible Belt is available for pre-order at Lethe Press and at Amazon.  The wonderful Steve Berman edited it, and the wonderful Matt Bright is formatting it, so it should be available pretty soon.

I’ve written a lengthy plot outline for my proposed trilogy of Viking novels and have sent it to my publisher for feedback.  Meanwhile, I’ve been reading more Viking-themed books, including Icelanders in the Viking Age:  The People of the Sagas and Viking Weapons and Combat Techniques, both by William R. Short, and Norse Gods by Johan Egerkrans, which has amazing illustrations.

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