Romanian Trip, Part One

During the pandemic, I’ve neglected this webpage, but my husband and publisher have been nudging me to update it regularly.  I’ll try to do that.  If you’re reading this, thank you for your patience!

A good while back, I wrote some long blog posts that I never posted, about my trip to Romania.  I’ll dole out shortish chunks in the next several weeks.

Here’s the first bit.


Several of my planned trips over the last few years have been unexpectedly canceled at the last minute.  In January 2018, I was prepared to accompany a colleague and Study Abroad students to Iceland, but I had retinal surgery instead.  In May 2019, I was scheduled to help lead a month-long Study Abroad trip to London, but more retinal surgery forced me to stay home.  In August 2019, due to a pet’s illness, I had to cancel my sixtieth birthday trip to northern California.

After all those ill-timed misfortunes, it seemed like I was cursed.  However, I’m glad to report that the Travel Curse was finally broken in the fall of 2019.   In October of that year, my husband John and I got to spend a little over a week in Romania, a country I’ve long wanted to visit.



  1. Hello, Jeff
    I’m pleased to have gotten two posts from you recently. A few years ago I bought your book: LOVING MOUNTAINS, LOVING MEN; currently reading it again; and, intend to get other works of yours. As I’m currently recovering from detached retina surgery……I decided to say hello. Loving to read and being a fiber artist……… my vision is critical. Recovery is coming along. I’m turning 81 this year; have been blessed w/good health. Grew up on a small farm in midstate TN, pre-electricity. Your stories strike so many chords with me. Thank you for sharing and the courage you have shown in your career. I do intend to collect more of your writings.

    1. Hey, many thanks for the note! I can well relate to detached retina surgery, having had two of those myself a few years back. Ugh! I hope your recovery goes super-well, and I’m really glad you enjoy my work. Please let me know what else you decide to collect.

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