Viking Collection in the Works

Now that classes are winding down at Virginia Tech, I’m putting together a new book, a collection of fiction set in the Viking Age.  It’ll be composed of previously published works: three short stories and one novella.  “Mead-Sweet” was included in Wings: Subversive Gay Angel Erotica, edited by Todd Gregory.  “Loki’s Boy” appeared in Raising Hell:  Demonic Gay Erotica, edited by Todd Gregory.  “1066 AD” was published in Lust in Time:  Erotic Romance through the Ages, edited by Rob Rosen, and “The Saga of Einar and Gisli” was one of four novellas included in On the Run:  Tales of Gay Pursuit and Passion, edited by Jerry L. Wheeler.  I’ve completed the introduction and am now working on the bibliography, a list of Icelandic sagas and nonfiction books about the Viking Age, all of which have influenced my own Norse-themed fiction.  I can’t wait to see what kind of hot cover the folks at Lethe Press will come up with!


  1. Jeff
    Do you have Norse/Viking ancestry or just a penchant for the genre? I’m looking forward to reading them!

    1. Hey, good question! I’m interested in things Norse because of my German ancestry…since the Norse gods were Germanic gods first. I really hope you like the fiction!

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