Mythology Poems

This summer, I’m working on a series of poems based on world mythology, most particularly the Greek, Norse, and Celtic pantheons.  The research is certainly fun.  I’m reading the 75th anniversary edition of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, a book I first read as a child.  Other books I’m using as inspiration are Stephen Fry’s Mythos and Carolyne Larrington’s The Norse Myths That Shape the Way We Think.  So far, I have twelve poems, but I’m hoping to have 40 or 50 by summer’s end, enough for a book-length collection I plan to title Pantheon.


  1. Hey, Jeff, looking forward to this. I’m teaching an online mythology class in Fall 2023 (probably my last section of Mythology as we’ve hired somebody for the course). Please let me know if any of the poems appear in places where I might share them with the class.

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