Malaprop’s Reading

On Monday, November 6th, I gave a reading from the second edition of Loving Mountains, Loving Men at Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe.  The staff members were so friendly, hospitable, and welcoming!  (This is not always true when I read at bookstores, I assure you.). The audience was appreciative, books were sold, and my husband and I bought a few books for ourselves.  Always good to support independent businesses, especially bookstores!  THANK YOU, Malaprop’s, for a great evening!



  1. Wonderful news! I love Malaprop’s. Hope you get to reschedule at Union Ave. Book Store here in Knoxville. Just finished reading FOG, CUB and well into PURGATORY. (Gripping, scary, horrific; tears flow often; can’t stop reading.

    1. Hey, I just now got this message, so sorry for the delay.

      Thanks for the note! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my books!



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